My New Perspective on Empowerment Technologies

One would typically assume that Empowerment Technology is only concerned with the various functions and uses of computers; that the only thing we’ll be learning about is the history of  technology and how the devices we have at present came to be. However, this wasn’t the case. Along with the practical aspect of learning how to apply the advanced aspects of Microsoft Word and Excel to make better presentations, we were informed of the social aspect such as being conscious of how we’re perceived online.

I am a member of Generation Z, the people who have never known the world without the internet. We’ve never experienced a world when information wasn’t at our very fingertips. Toddlers are able to unlock iPads as instinctively as one might open a door. As we are approaching an increasingly technologically dependent society, it is vital that we understand and learn about its upsides and pitfalls. Yes, technology is inherently good and was made to aid the human race. However, as it now stands, not everyone believes it to be such.

Numerous people see technology as a platform for evil. Who can blame them? So many children are being enticed by addictive online games. Hackers exploit people who are inept at technology and steal their information. Social media provides a distraction from our priorities. This shouldn’t be the case. We all know that it’s the user who determines the outcome. Technology only serves as our medium.

By studying the various lessons in this subject, we are indeed becoming empowered citizens-both online and offline-who are aware of the ramifications their actions may lead to and respond accordingly. We are being trained to be social agents of change as that difference must begin within. Understanding technology arms us with the social responsibility to only use it for the common good as we now know that there are many violations that we can commit as the lines are often blurred online.

Empowerment Technologies is an increasingly valuable subject for our generation. It serves as our moral compass online. It teaches us the ethics and tricks of the trade that we need to cope up with the continual advancements and become netizens. Truly, this course empowers us in a society where technology pervades every aspect of our lives.